1. Introduction

 These General Conditions of Sale (hereinafter referred to as "General Conditions"), govern the contractual relations between the customers of the site www.caffelowcost.com (hereinafter referred to as "Customers") and the owner of the same: Caffé Low Cost.

 These General Conditions are the only ones that can be applied and replace all other conditions, except for preliminary, express and written exceptions. Caffé Low Cost may be required to change some of these provisions; it is therefore recommended that customers read the General Conditions at each visit to the site http://www.caffelowcost.com/ (hereinafter referred to as "the Site") The validation of the order will be considered as acceptance of the General Conditions, without any possible appeal. By accessing the Site, Customers undertake to comply with the General Conditions and the Detailed Use Conditions on the same.

2. Place an order

To place an order, customers can use the website: http://www.caffelowcost.com/ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When the order is validated an email will be sent to the customers.  

3. Product information

The photographs that present the products are not part of the contractual scope and cannot in any case be considered as the responsibility of Caffé Low Cost. The technical sheets and descriptions of the products are provided by the partners and / or suppliers of Caffé Low Cost, which disclaims any responsibility regarding the content of the same. All accessories offered in the various packs and / or kits and sold on the Site are accessories of compatible brands or manufacturers.

4. Prices

The sales prices indicated on the Site are expressed in euros and include delivery costs for the nation of Malta and Italy. The prices indicated on the Site are also expressed, for the countries belonging to the European Community, in the national currency, without this having a commercial value. Caffé Low Cost declines all responsibility in the event of error or inaccuracy in the conversion system used, as well as any differences that may arise between the estimate of the total invoice and that actually invoiced. Caffé Low Cost reserves the right to change prices at any time, but is equally committed to applying the prices indicated on the Site at the time the order is placed.


VAT unbundling is only possible for companies registered with VIES.  

5. Availability

Customer orders are met within the limits of the quantity of products available. In the event that the product ordered is not available, Caffé Low Cost undertakes to contact the Customers via e-mail within 15 days from the date of the order to inform them of the time required for delivery of the product ordered. In the event that only some of the products ordered are not available, Caffé Low Cost undertakes to ship the products available immediately. In the event that the unavailability of the product is due to a definitive stop of the production of the same by the manufacturer, Caffé Low Cost will propose to the customer a product of equivalent quality and price. In case of refusal by the customer, Caffé Low Cost will reimburse the unavailable product.  

6. Delivery methods

The products purchased on the Site can be delivered throughout Italy within 48/72 hours (starting from the actual dispatch of the product; 24 additional hours are necessary for a delivery on the islands) thanks to the agreed couriers. Expenses related to this type of delivery may vary depending on the products selected.

7. Time required for delivery:


The times required for delivery indicated on our website are indicative and are subject to change. We also remind Customers that couriers only transport and deliver products during weekdays (ex: for a product ordered on a Saturday afternoon, you will have to count, if the product is available) 48/72 hours starting from Monday morning. Caffé Low Cost can not be considered as responsible for the consequences due to a possible delay in delivery or loss or damage to the order by the courier. In the event that the order has not been delivered within the time prescribed, Caffé Low Cost may, at the request of the Customers, investigate the reasons for this delay. During this period (approximately 15 days) it will not be possible to proceed with the reimbursement or re-shipment of the order.


Customers have the option, at the time of delivery of the order, to open the package to verify that the product corresponds to the one ordered and that it does not present damage or apparent anomalies (in case the courier agrees). In the event that the product or packaging is not compliant or shows obvious damage, we recommend that you complete the form provided and accept the delivery by signing with reserve, or reject it specifying the reason for the refusal. An email must also be sent by Customers to Caffé Low Cost customer service, within 48 hours of delivery to inform us of what happened. We ask Customers to note that Caffé Low Cost declines all responsibility in the event of external damage to the packaging reported after the order was accepted.


8. What to do upon delivery:


1. Check the integrity of the package.

2. Only in the event of external material damage to the packaging and / or product due to transport, the order must be accepted by affixing, on the waybill, the words "I accept with detailed reservation" and a detailed description of the visible damages on the outside of the box (example: "wet neck", "open neck", etc.) followed by your signature. In the following 48 hours, send an email to Customer Service describing what happened and indicating the CCL number. Otherwise, any request for reimbursement relating to such damages will be automatically rejected.

3. If no problems are found, accept the delivery. In the event that the products must be returned by the Customers, the latter will have to send them back within 48 hours from the delivery date, sending them to the company headquarters. The products must be returned in the original packaging, including any other accessories that may be present in the package received. The costs related to the return of the product are reimbursed by Caffé Low Cost to the Customers in the case of defective products on delivery. In other cases, the costs of reshipment remain the responsibility of the Customers. Caffé Low Cost informs its Customers that a delay of 24 hours on delivery can still occur in the event that, for security reasons, Caffé Low Cost needs to carry out an additional verification of the customer's bank details. Additional information may eventually be requested from customers to definitively validate the purchase. To allow Caffé Low Cost to contact them in case of need, customers are requested to indicate: - an e-mail address in operation and a landline number. We are aware of the inconveniences this can cause to our Customers but these measures have been adopted to protect the transactions from possible frauds to the detriment of the Customers themselves.


9. Satisfied or refunded 

To exercise the right of withdrawal it is necessary to send, within 10 working days from receipt of the goods. The costs of returning the product are the sole responsibility of the customer. The right of withdrawal is lost if the returned product is not intact, that is: lack of the original packaging or absence of integral elements of the product (accessories, etc.) or damage to the product for reasons other than transportation. Attention: The photos of the products on the site are purely indicative and may therefore differ slightly from the real object.  Caffé Low Cost will proceed with the transmission of the re-credit order related to the cost of the goods shipped within 30 working days following the shipment of the goods by the customer and in any case not before receipt of the goods. Caffé Low Cost will consequently reject any product returned unpacked, as well as products for which the costs of restitution have not already been paid in full by the Customer. The refund is made by bank transfer, or depending on the method chosen by the customer.   

10. Return of products 

Only undamaged products, including accessories and manuals, will be accepted and returned to our address in the original packaging. The shipping costs of the product are charged to the customers. However, it is possible to deliver the product directly to the address of Caffé Low Cost which will take care of shipping it to the technical service. 

11. Guarantees and After Sales  

Service All products sold on our site are covered by the manufacturer's legal guarantee of conformity, without prejudice to other legal provisions, starting from the date of delivery of the product. The costs for returning the defective product are borne by the customer. However, in the event that the legal guarantee of conformity can be applied to the product in question, the costs inherent in returning the product will be reimbursed to the customer. The products must be returned to our After Sales Service (preferably by courier). Whatever the problem of the product, it will be compulsory to send it back together with a copy of the invoice, the guarantee voucher and the return voucher. Attention: the legal guarantee does not apply to damage caused by a cause external to the product (for example: accidents, bumps, lightning, power surges, etc.) or by a customer error (such as, for example, the use of an installation that does not comply with the manufacturer's specifications, use of the product that is harmful to the same, use of the product for commercial or collective purposes, the use of inappropriate accessories and / or consumables. In the event that repairs are not covered by the warranty, the manufacturer will establish a quote for the same. Manufacturer warranties on products sold by Caffé Low Cost do not cover: 

- the abnormal or non-compliant use of the products (customers are asked to carefully consult the instruction manual attached to the product)  

- failures (and subsequent consequences) caused by accessories (power cables, etc.)  - faults (and subsequent consequences) due to the intervention of a repairer not authorized by Caffé Low Cost

- failures (and subsequent consequences) caused by non-compliant use of the product (for example for professional or collective use),

- failures (and subsequent consequences) due to external causes.  

In any case, Caffé Low Cost cannot be held responsible for the manufacturer's refusal to apply the guarantee. In the event that the repair is not covered by the warranty, the manufacturer will proceed to a quote. Administrative costs will be requested by the manufacturer in case of refusal to pay the estimate. In case of agreement, the customer will have to make a bank transfer, equal to the total of the estimate. 

12. Disputes and responsibilities 

In no case can Caffé Low Cost be held responsible for the non-finalization of the contract due to force majeure, the responsibility of the customer or third parties. Caffé Low Cost can not be held responsible for damage resulting from misuse of products sold on the Site. To be able to make a refund, Caffé Low Cost will have to request a technical verification of the product beforehand to determine the actual causes of the failure, if these causes are covered by the manufacturer's warranty, if the product is complete and includes all accessories and if it has been returned in its original packaging.   

13. What to do in case of defective product? 

The product must be returned, accompanied by the return voucher, in the original packaging by registered letter with return receipt.   

14. Comments, criticisms, communications

 All customer opinions sent to Caffé Low Cost are supervised and moderated by Caffé Low Cost marketing. In the event that such opinions are contrary to laws or morality (abusive advertising, defamatory intentions, insults, improper comments ...) Low Cost Coffee reserves the right to reject or change the opinion in question.

 15. Right of withdrawal 

For shipments made in Italy, Legislative Decree 206/2005 is applied.How to return the product: With regard to the warranty on spare parts, an approximate timeframe of 14 calendar days is granted starting from the date of delivery of the products in order to be able to open complaints about their malfunction.It also states that collection costs, in this case are charged to the Customer, and that refunds or replacements are authorized only and exclusively on products on which there is no sign of tampering and on which the reported defects are actually found . As regards the inconsistencies that are found between ordered and actually received products, a maximum time of 24 hours is granted to communicate the anomaly. Caffé Low Cost cannot be held responsible for lost or unreturned accessories (except those directly related to the fault).Each return must be accompanied by the following documents: copy of the return invoice The return of the product can be made by post or by courier to the address COFFEEITALY LTD Centris Business Gateway, Ground Floor, Triq il-Palazz l -Ahmar, Mriehel BKR 3000, Malta, or returning the product directly to the staff of the Caffé Low Cost store. The deadline for repayment is 14 calendar days. 

All data will be treated with the utmost correctness, in full protection of your rights and in particular of your privacy.